Sivoia QS Triathlon

Roller Shades

Available in three different top treatment options to tailor the solution for any space

Architectural Fascia

Clean, sleek aesthetic for contemporary spaces

Fabric Wrapped Fascia

Complete, finished look to match the roller shade fabric

Exposed Headrail

For windows that will use a separate, custom top treatment


Choose from a wide variety of fabric options and textures from any Lutron collection


Open weaves preserve views to the outside and filter sunlight. Ideal for rooms where you don’t need complete privacy.


Tighter weaves transform harsh daylight into a soft, filtered glow. Provides increased privacy for spaces like bathrooms.


Opaque fabrics block light from entering a space. Ideal for bedrooms and media rooms.


Available in four different options to give a finished look to your shades



Architectural half wrap

Architectural exposed

System Capacities

Sizes available as wide as 144’’ and as tall as 144’’
Shades use store-bought D-cell batteries
Battery Boost is available to extend battery life up to 80% or up to 6 years
Plug-in power options also available